Joinventure - the lightweight specialists

Whether you build cars, trucks, ships, bridges, aircraft and machinery. We support your project with the right specialists, for a day or for several months.

Joinventure - the consultant network

Joinventure is a network of specialists for light weight design focussing on joining technologies. Practice and theory are fully represented - thus even large projects from design and calculation, including sample fabrication  until start of mass fabrication can be supported.


Light weight design is the future

but this has just begun. Entering into new materials and designs can be connected with high riks. Read here how Joinventure can be of help with that.


Looking for specialists

and interested if Joinventure has competent consultants for your project?


You are consultant

and would like to work with Joinventure? We are continuosely interested in expanding our network! Learn here more about your possibilities.